Kosmonaut Production is an alternative and innovative artist centered organization that caters to the needs of the individual artist, collectives and companies, helping steadily to give shape to their specific ideas and elaborating on their requirements.

The office was founded in 2013 by three young professionals who took the initiative to join their forces to pour their multifaceted and complementary knowhow into a fresh and innovative whole.

Kosmonaut guides artists in their artistic process, not merely during a single project, but during a longer course that we take together. We create a solid framework, giving the artists room to develop their creations.

Within our compact organization we offer uniquely broad support and comprehensive guidance, combining artistic and administrative supervision, productional organization of the creative process, set-up of communication campaigns, tour management, dramaturgy, graphic design etc.

One of the pillars of our ethos is to be actively involved in the entire development and offer more than solely administrative and productional support.

Kosmonaut is an accessible platform offering stability, but also the flexibility crucial for keeping up with an ever-changing cultural sector.

Kosmonaut Production aims at more experienced as well as young creators from different layers of the art disciplines. There is a great demand by artists for a professional framework and trustworthy relationships in the competitive field of arts, a void we aim to fill.